Como: The city of Alessandro Volta

Como is the city of Alessandro Volta and many attractions are dedicated to him.
The Tempio Voltiano was completed by neoclassical Federico Frigerio and it is a scientific museum with object and documents concerning life of Alessandro Volta. To him is also dedicated the lighthouse in Brunate, an octagonal tower, 29 meters high, built in 1929.
One of the most important site in honour of Alessandro Volta is Piazza Volta, one of the main square in Como full of nightlife, especially in summer. The majestic statue of the chemistry overlooks the square from its middle.
Last but not least, the Life Electric, a modern build 16 meters high, built in 2015 by Daniel Libeskind.
It represents two opposing sinusoids and is placed in a precise point, in relation to two other works dedicated to Volta: “The Life Electric represents an ideal third pole between the Volta Lighthouse of Brunate and the Tempio Voltiano in Como”. With these words, the artist, Daniel Libeskind explained his work.

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